10 7/16 X 6 1/16 X 13 3/4″ H Antique Oval Glass Dome


AOGD 106-568-137

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10 7/16 X 6 1/16 X 13 3/4” H Antique Oval Glass Dome 

BOA 1602 (just arrived) Antique Oval Glass Dome

This antique oval glass dome represents a new shipment of glass domes imported from Europe.  The quality of  antique domes exceeds the quality of new domes made today.  One way to tell is an glass dome is antique is by checking the thickness of the glass.  Most Antique Glass Domes have uniform thickness throughout.

This is an antique oval glass dome that can restore your antique heirloom to it original appearance. We acquire antique domes from all over the world to help you preserve your keepsake.

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Dimensions 10.6875 in