Marble Base with Raised Center with Wine Velvet for 12 1/2 x 6 3/4 Dome


OBase 1212-675

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Marble Base with Raised Center with Wine Velvet for 12 1/2 x 6 3/4 Dome

A marble base is often found with antique glass domes

Many of the movies produced today have glass domes and antique clocks as furniture display items in the background. Once you appreciate their quality your eye will catch them in the movie.


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Rectangular glass domes were frequently used to cover clocks and other items. They are more difficult to make and are hard to find. These are frequently sold with a footed marble base with either a raised center for the dome to fit over or a groove for the dome to sit in.   Sometime the raised center is wood and is covered with velvet for a very pleasing appearance.


It is hard to believe but many of our customers who have an clock with a glass dome over take the antique glass dome off to wind the clock and sit the dome on the floor and then walk into it and break the antique dome.


We had one customer who was outside in the cold and came into the warm house and picked up the glass dome to wind the clock and his cold hands caused the dome to crack just with the change in temperature.

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Dimensions 12.5 in