Buying trip coming soon

Every year we spend time traveling through Europe looking for glass domes. During that time we visit antique stores, flea markets, boot sales and wherever we feel that the domes may be available. We carry with us the desired sizes that our customers are looking for to try to .

What is a ‘Perfect’ dome?

Please tell me what does “Perfect Dome” mean? Thanks Answer: A “Perfect Dome” is machine made and perfect in every detail. There is no distortion in the glass and there is a bead at the bottom. Many of our customers prefer them and we offer them when we can .

Hello world!

A very rewarding experience is building a family heirloom that can be passed down through generations. What better heirloom than building your own working clock. Check out our Clock Books by John Wilding for detailed information on how to build your own clock with modest shop tools that provide .