History of the Glassdome company

Lorraine Bowen was asked to present a program for the Big Bend Timekeepers clock club in Tallahassee at the March 2019 meeting. She presented the history of the Glassdomes.com company from its inception to date. Her talk will be printed the National Watch and Clock Collectors Bulletin in the upcoming issue. We will be happy to share that information when it is available.

Lorraine displayed several glass domes designed for dolls, clocks, watches and taxidermy. The clocks on display with domes included the Ansonia Crystal Palace clock, the Bulle clock, Tiffany NeverWind clock and the Gustav Becker Skeleton clock. Some of these domes had to be reproduced by Glassdomes.com as the original domes are no longer available.

Share the site glassdomes.com with your friends. Many people are looking for domes and are not sure where to find them.

Thanks, Glass Domes