Frequently Asked Questions

What are glass domes?
Glass Dome as used in a home are used to cover antique items, clocks, dolls and collectibles. We have frequently had requests from taxidermy for glass domes to cover butterflies, dogs, cats, turtles, snakes and other animal life. We frequently have request for those to tie they fishing lures. Glass is typically made of silica, soda ash and calcium oxide. Variations of this are found depending on the application. Glass Domes can be made by two different methods, blown into a mold or injected into a mold. The latter method give the most exact size and quality.
I have a glass dome that seems to have a haze on it, what is the best way to clean it?
Other than the obvious use of Windex to remove normal household deposits, more stubborn `haze` can by removed with vinegar on a sponge or paper towel. Then clean again with Windex. Recently we have found that glass top stove cleaner works very well also.
How should a glass dome be picked up so as not to break it?
Glass Domes are most fragile near the bottom edge so should be picked up nearer to the top on the round part of the dome. You hands should not be cold or hot when touching the glass as this can cause a crack to start. Never set the dome on the floor.
How do I know what size dome I need for my item.
If you will send us the length, width, and height of the item, we will be happy to recommend a dome that would be appropriate. If you are trying to fit a dome to an existing base, we will need the measurements of the groove or the length and width of the raised area over which the dome would rest.
How are glass domes measured.
Measurements are typically the outside dimensions of length, width, and height or in the case of round domes, the diameter and height.
What is an Antique dome?
An antique dome is quite old, some dating to the 19th century or before, and we are happy to offer them when we can find them. These are sometimes referred to as Victorian Glass Domes. We search the world over trying to find them for our customers. We have the most extensive stock anywhere.
Can I get an antique base to go with my new glass dome?
We have many antique bases and would be happy to check to see if we have one for your size dome even if it is a new dome.
What is a “Skeleton” Dome?
Domes listed as skeleton refer to domes that cover antique pendulum clocks where all the gears and parts are shown working. They are therefore referred to as "skeleton" clock domes.
Can you cut the glass dome to the height needed?
Yes, we are happy to cut the new domes to any height. Unfortunately we can not cut antique oval domes but do sometimes cut antique round domes.
Can a crack be repaired?
The best thing to do for a cracked dome is to put a piece of tape over the crack to help it from getting bigger. To the best of our knowledge there is no way to repair a crack.
Is there a seam mark on the domes?
No. They are made without seam marks.
How are glass domes made?
A professional glass blower is an artist. It requires years of experience. The molten glass is hand-blown into a mold.
Can glass domes be shipped safely?
Yes, We have many years of shipping experience. All orders are insured for your protection
Please tell me what does “Perfect Dome” mean? Thanks
A "Perfect Dome" is machine made and perfect in every detail. There is no distortion in the glass and there is a bead at the bottom. Many of our customers prefer them and we offer them when we can get them.