What is a ‘Perfect’ dome?

Please tell me what does “Perfect Dome” mean? Thanks
Answer: A “Perfect Dome” is machine made and perfect in every detail. There is no distortion in the glass and there is a bead at the bottom. Many of our customers prefer them and we offer them when we can get them.

12 thoughts on “What is a ‘Perfect’ dome?”

  1. i bought a oval dome you said was antique im think it will be thick glass. it was so thin i broke it trying to clean that paper tape that was glued on the bottom.had to use razor blade to get it off with goof off to get the glue residue. and i made past that with out breaking not a easy feat. i had it in the sink over a plastic dish holder rinsing off the goof off and it bumped it to hard on the plastic and cracked it. unbelievable how thin it is. that is not a antique glass dome. never buy another dome from you guys i was putting your dome on a hundred year old clock i wanted a antique dome to go with it because shipping smashed the original dome. bought your dome with insurance money 400.00 dollars now im screwed

  2. snidlywiplash1
    Sorry to hear that the dome was cracked during cleaning.
    Not sure who you are from the reply name.
    The age of a glass dome can not be determined by glass thickness. Most victorian domes are very thin.
    The paper tape was put on by the glass blower when the dome was made. It has two purposes, one to cover up any chipping from cutting the glass and also to give a slight cushion when setting the dome down.

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