3 x 4 H Round Glass Dome with Hole in Top of Dome


300-400 Hole


3 x 4 H Round Glass Dome with Hole in Top of Dome

This is a round glass dome with hole in top so you can use your own hook and knob.

This glass dome is our perfect quality so there will not be any distortion while looking at the item in the dome.  Perfect domes are machine made and not hand blown.  We strive to offer the finish quality.

Most new round glass domes have a bead on the bottom. The bead gives greater strength to the glass. This bead is created by holding the glass dome at the top and rotating it while applying a gas flame near the point of its height. The glass melts at that point with the bottom dropping off and leaving a bead to seal the work. Oval glass domes do not have this bead generally since the flame can not be held in place as the dome rotates.

Many of our customers have the feeling that older glass domes will have more bubbles. This is generally not the case. It is the desire of all glass blowers to not have bubbles in the glass.

Many oval glass domes that go over clocks sit on a wooden base. Many of those bases are three or more inches thick and hold a mechanical music box. This music box can be connected to the clock so that it plays on the hour or it can be made to require manual playing. The music box is generally not visible but hidden in the base.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in